How to Re-Enable Backspace Key in Firefox

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The Firefox web browser has enabled the backspace key to double as back button for many versions, however Mozilla recently decided to remove this functionality. If you are one of the many longtime Firefox users who rely on this feature and want to enable it again here is how you do it:

  1. Open a new tab in firefox and type about:config in the url bar.
  2. Type browser.backspace_action in the search box – you’ll be presented with an option when changed to 0  (that’s a zero) functionality will return to the backspace button.
  3. If the value is anything other than 0, simply change it to 0 and then click the save checkmark

If you are wondering why this feature disappeared, Firefox developers likely have a good reason based on user interaction data. However, if you are a pro and want the feature back then you should be all set!


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