Tekopolis, a Technology Metropolis, aims to have a vast collection of helpful content on all things technology related. Everything from training videos to product reviews and configuration how-to’s are available to help the Internet community and readers like you to achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.


The plan is to post videos to youtube until we’re blue in the face. Then keep posting more videos after that. We find training videos to be one of the most helpful resources when trying to learn a new concept because you can actually see the concept be implemented or explained right before your eyes. Check out the videos section of Tekopolis for the latest published videos.

How To’s

Call them How To’s, call them Tutorials, Call them Walk-thru’s, Call them recipes… Whatever you call them, we hope they help you solve problems and be successful. Check out our How To’s section on Tekoplis for hopefully the most awesome step by step guides on configuring, troubleshooting, and blasting through technology related tasks.


On the horizon at the moment, but within sight, we plan on releasing reviews on products we find helpful, or just plain cool! Because come on, who doesn’t like unboxing some new toys 🙂


Also on the horizon are full blown courses. For now, training content will come in form of How To’s and free videos, but check back for full blown training courses on multiple topics we’ve mastered.


If you are looking for our terms of service or privacy policy, they are linked here as well as at the bottom of every page.

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