Disclosure Statement

The primary purpose of Tekopolis.com is to help people learn about technology. This can come in the form of How-To’s, Videos, Training Courses, or other ways to deliver information via the website, email, traditional postal mail, or any other method of communication. The primary goal here is to help people learn stuff and (hopefully) entertain.

That said, there are bills to pay! We have to host this site, pay for bandwidth, spend time coming up with things to write about, write blog posts, test and write how-to’s, create videos, edit them, upload them, etc. That’s a lot of work and time and money. So, we have added some methods to monetize this site such as affiliate links and advertisements. Read on for the specifics.


There are a ton of links on this site. Sometimes a link will be tagged with an Affiliate code which means if you buy something at the other end of the link, we will get a commission for the purchase at no additional cost to you. For example, there are a lot of awesome things for sale at Amazon and we shop there regularly. Most if not all of the links to Amazon on this site will include an affiliate code and if you click on it, Amazon will give us a small commission if you end up buying something.


Readers who opt-in to receive messages from Tekopolis.com will only receive emails from Tekopolis.com. The emails are secured on our mail service system and will be sourced by us as long as Tekopolis.com exists. In other words, we aren’t in the business of selling email addresses. We hate spam like everyone else and do everything we can to comply with the Can Spam Act. If at some point in the future Tekopolis.com gets bought out in a hostile takeover, then the future owners will need to send an email out to notify everyone via email if they intend to use your email for something other than Tekopolis.com mailings and if so you would have a choice to opt-out at that time. Sometimes the emails we send will include affiliate links, we’ll let you know in the email if affiliate links are included. The bottom line is we don’t believe in spam. If you email us or fill out a comment on our comment form, we reserve the right to respond to the message or ignore it. We also reserve the right to do whatever we please with the content of the email you send us including publish it on the site if there is a purpose (such as you send us an awesome tip on how to do something and we want to share it with the rest of the Internet). If you receive email from us beyond the initial sign up notification it is because you signed up for it AND clicked the opt-in link in the sign up confirmation email. Hopefully the emails we send help you, however if you don’t find them helpful there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of each and every one we send.

Products and Reviews

We love gadgets! Who doesn’t? If we find a gadget that is so awesome that we just have to tell the world, then we will tell the world. If a manufacturer sends us a product and says “hey, review this yo!” then we might review it and if we do we will give our honest opinion. We do it because we love technology stuff and want to share honest info with you, the reader. If for some reason we get paid to review something or provided with a perk such as travel to a resort to see a presentation on a product or service, then that information will be disclosed in the review in a way such as “we received payment to write this review” or a picture of us in the Bahamas with the product they wanted us to see. In other words, you’ll know if we were paid to review a product because we’ll tell you, but in most cases we’ll probably just really dig the product and buy it with our own money to test it out.

Ad Networks

Ads are used on this website. They help pay the bills and possibly help readers with finding something awesome to read or buy. Pretty much Google AdSense is the go-to ad network that we use, but other networks can be used here as well. We won’t ask you to click on an Ad. If you see something you like then decide if you want to check it out or not.

Ad networks often rely heavily on tracking cookies. Check out the privacy policy to learn how we handle that in more detail, but basically we utilize Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to see what our readers are into. By seeing the reported analytic data we can see what readers like and try to provide more of that in the future. More of what you like and less of what you don’t – cool?


If we missed anything above, then it’ll go here. Basically our goal with Tekopolis.com is to be honest. If we get compensated to do something, we’ll let you know.