Comment Policy

This policy is in place to provide guidance to our readers who want to contribute their comments on posts.

We love comments. Comments let us know what is on your mind and how you feel about our content. Receiving no comments is like talking to a bunch of people and then none of them offer any response.

Please share your comments so that we can determine if our content is spot on or if it needs to head a new direction.

When commenting, please use your name and real email. We won’t sign you up for a list, but it helps us to know you are a real person. If we see a comment with an email address that isn’t real it will be a sign the comment should be deleted. Also, if someone comments on your comment you should get a notification via email.

If the comments section is closed, then your window of opportunity has passed to provide feedback. If you find a typo or feel very passionate about providing feedback on a post after the comments have been closed, please let us know your thoughts via the contact us form.

Here are a few tips for how to comment on this site:

  • Be cool. Nobody likes a jerk or negativity or flaming. This world is what we make it. If you spread hate, then we have a world of hate. If we are cool with each other, then we have a cool world. Be cool and leave supportive and informative comments.
  • Comments might be moderated or go through an approval process before they show up. No need to post the same comment multiple times. If you are sharing helpful info and not flaming, then the comment will probably be published.
  • Comments might be edited. If there’s an obvious grammatical error, it might be fixed to help ease the suffering of those with OCD.
  • If you are posting merely to put a link on our site, that will not fly. If you post appropriate feedback and interact with the subject matter appropriately and happen to include a relevant URL, it’ll probably be published.

Hopefully this helps provide guidance on how to interact with the site. Let’s all be a bunch of cool people learning about technology and helping each other out.